Enabling a secure and reliable Wireless
Enterprise for medium to large deployments
Wireless LAN Switch/Controller

Wireless LAN (WLAN) switch/controller and voice communications platform

The RFS6000 Enterprise WLAN Switch/controller from Motorola enables the wireless enterprise by offering an integrated WLAN communication platform that delivers secure and reliable voice, video and data applications. Designed on the innovative and modular Wi-NG operating system, the RFS6000 provides wired and wireless networking services, multiple locationing technologies such as Wi-Fi and RFID; resiliency via 3G/4G wireless broadband backhaul; and high performance with 802.11n networks. The enterprise class RFS6000 delivers the best in class performance, security, scalability and manageability required to meet the needs of demanding mission critical business applications.

Cost-effective centralized management

Based on Motorola’s landmark Wireless Next Generation (Wi-NG) operating system, the RFS6000 provides the tools you need to simplify and minimize the costs associated with real-time management of mobility solutions. The Wi-NG architecture provides unified management of network hardware, software configuration, and network policies, complete with built-in process monitors and troubleshooting tools. In conjunction with the RF Management Suite (sold separately), the RFS6000 provides centralized control over the entire lifecycle of your Motorola mobility solution — allowing you to easily design, deploy, monitor and secure your wireless network.

Raising the bar on enterprise class performance and network resiliency

The RFS6000 offers a multicore, multithreaded Wi-NG architecture capable of supporting 2,000 to 20,000 mobile devices and up to 48 dual radio 802.11 a/b/g thin access points or 256 adaptive access points (AP-5131 a/b/g or AP-7131 a/b/g/n) per switch/controller. Motorola’s patent pending clustering technology allows a 12X capacity increase, for build-as-you-grow networks. The result is an architecture that is purpose-built to deliver high availability — and scalability. In addition, a user accessible ExpressCard™ Slot supports 3G broadband cards for a redundant wireless WAN backhaul connection, providing a truly self-sustainable wireless enterprise.

Gap-free security for the Wireless Enterprise

Comprehensive network security features keep wireless transmissions secure and provide compliance for HIPAA and PCI. The RFS6000 provides gap-free security for the WLAN network, following a tiered approach to protect and secure data at every point in the network, wired or wireless. This complete solution includes a wired/wireless firewall, a built-in wireless intrusion protection system (IPS), an integrated IPSec VPN gateway, AAA Radius Server and secure guest access with a captive web portal, reducing the need to purchase and manage additional infrastructure. Additional security features include MAC-based authentication, 802.11w to secure management frames, NAC support, anomaly analysis and more.

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