PTP 800 solutions can efficiently and affordably transport the data, voice and video that your bandwidth-intensive applications require without having to contend with other communicators in your radio-frequency (RF) band.


Our Point-to-Point (PTP) 800 Licensed Ethernet Microwave solutions operate in the 6 to 38 GHz1 licensed bands, at up to 368 Mbps throughput2 (full duplex) and with user-configured channel bandwidths from 7 to 56 MHz. With upgradeable capacity from 10 Mbps to full capacity via software key, the systems offer exceptional cost efficiency and scalability. Whether your organization is a corporate enterprise, carrier, service provider, school, hospital, utility company, municipality or government agency, our PTP 800 radios will provide you with high-performance, ultra-reliable connectivity.


PTP systems have logged more than two billion field hours. As a result, our radios are proven to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Radios perform steadfastly in winds up to 150 miles per hour (242 kph) and temperatures from -27° to 131° F (-33° to 55° C).


At Motorola, our unrivaled wireless network solutions include indoor WLAN, outdoor wireless mesh, point-to-multipoint and point-to-point networks as well as voice over WLAN systems, giving you the agility and seamless connectivity you need to grow your business or better protect and serve the public. Combined with powerful software for wireless network design, security and management, our solutions deliver trusted networking and anywhere access to organizations worldwide.

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